Fun, Fast Paced, 3rd Person, Multiplayer Shooter.


Transitional Operations is in the early stages of development and is being developed by one person, Selfinflicted.
This is Selfinflicted's first game, he started this game in early April 2023, with little to no experience in game development using Unreal Engine 5.1. All assets purchased from Unreal Market Place.  

Those assets used to create all Original Maps.

The game currently has 7 Maps and plans of 20 Maps on the finished product.
8 Game Modes ie; Team Elimination, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Free For All, Rush, Conquest (control points), Kill Confirmed, Capture The Flag with plans of 13 Game Modes on finished product.

User Created Lobby System just added to the game at the end of January 2024. Players are able to vote on 5 Game Modes to play in the Lobby. Lobby System will eventually be ranked with No Bots. The plan is to have dedicated servers running the Lobbies Matches Only. Users can still create Casual Multiplayer Sessions and play with bots (AI), these matches will not be ranked.

Trans Ops is available on Steam for Early Access and is currently in Alpha Stages.


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